A Perfect Arrangement: A Guide to Finding the Best Florist For You


Florists are retailers of flowers and designers of floral arrangements, and can have a large impact on some of the most important days in a person’s life. There many small, independent floral shops as well as larger wholesale providers.

Here are some of the responsibilities of florists, events which often make use of florists, and a short guide on how to find the perfect florist.


While many people associate florists with the design of flower arrangements, their responsibilities are much more diverse. Florists must have a specialized knowledge of how best to grow and care for many species of flowers and plants. Further, they must be able to ensure that flowers will be at their peak beauty and fullness on the date of an event.

Perhaps most importantly, florists are responsible for the artistic presentation of flowers into aesthetically pleasing arrangements and bouquets. From Valentine’s bouquets to wedding arrangements, a florist must find complimentary color and shapes to create visually stunning creations. Many such arrangements follow set guidelines, but florists often exercise creative judgement to suit a client’s needs.


While a florist may be used for small, individual bouquets, they are often employed for larger events. Weddings, graduations, and other parties are common examples. Some days are particularly demanding for florists, such as Valentine’s day.

These events are not only vital to the floral business, they are often some of the most important days in a person’s life. As such, florists must provide top-quality service for large events, in order to ensure that a client’s vision becomes reality.

How to Choose a Good Florist:

There are often several floral shops in any moderately sized town, so it can be a bit stressful to find the right florist to handle your orders. The best florist depends on factors like personal preference, budget, and event demands.

Small Bouquets

For a flower or bouquet intended for a loved one or friend, the best way to research is to visit shops and see if any arrangements appeal to you. Checking with friends and family or searching for reviews online can also be a good way to see the quality of service and selection at the shop.

Large Events

Some smaller shops may not have the inventory or variety to accommodate a larger event like a wedding. On the other hand, outdoor events may be better handled by local shops that understand how to keep flowers healthy in a given climate.

For large orders, you will often be able to view a portfolio of past events to see the quality of work offered by a shop. You should also meet with the florist to see if their style is compatible with your vision; more creative florists might not appreciate a strict color and style order from an organized client.

Just as with smaller orders, it is always beneficial to check with friends and family, as well as online reviews, to understand the kind of experience others have had with a given florist. Purchasing floral arrangements is not like buying a cell phone, where you can read about features like memory and operating system and have a good idea of which one you will prefer. Floral arrangements are creative, unique, and emotive. Choosing a floral arrangement is therefore a very subjective and personal process.


The right florist like Dpetals for you will fit with your personal taste and work with you to fulfill your vision, whether large or small.