Are You Ready To Try Gluten Free Eats?


Many individuals have taken up the idea of eaten gluten free, and for many different reasons at that. Some suffer from Celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities, and some just want to live more of a healthy lifestyle. It can be confusing as to what being gluten free Singapore truly is, and what exactly it […]

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Number Play


Remember when you were a kid in math class and you would gripe about how learning long division or fractions was a waste of time because you “will never use this when you grow up”? Do you remember how your teacher would always respond with, “You’ll be surprised. You will use math everyday.” It’s amazing […]

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The Joy Of Mahjong


Mahjong is a game that has captivated millions. It is simple enough for a child to do, yet a strategy is needed in order to consistently win a mahjong game. Similar to a Rubik’s cube, there are many possible moves, but only two possible outcomes – win or lose. Many mahjong games have been created, […]

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